我们总是在问:学校领导和学生的下一步是什么? 自2000年以来, we have piloted efforts with the potential to teach all of us something new about school leadership, 学生学习与教师发展.

我们的试点项目侧重于在我们最需要的学校进行能力建设, 利用芝加哥高层领导的专业知识, teaching us about providing strong instruction for our youngest students and preparing the principals of tomorrow.





The 南区教育联盟 aims to coordinate layered supports to enable accelerated school improvement in CPS Networks 9 and 12. SSEA在一个包中提供多种支持, 包括教学领导, trauma-informed实践, 家庭和社区参与, 时间管理与教师发展.

2018年8月,我们与4家项目提供商合作开展试点. 这些合作伙伴提供与本金一致的支持, 老师, student and community needs in several Bronzeville/South Lakefront and Greater Stony Island schools. 我们相信为这些学校提供多重, layered supports will both accelerate improvement and create a more significant impact than is possible with each program provider operating independently.

In 2020-21, this two-year pilot program was extended into a third year to support schools during the COVID-19 pandemic. SSEA支持将镜像SDP支持.

  • 支点教育解决方案 is a team of former principals that provides customized coaching and support focused on developing strong instructional leadership through the use of instructional systems and building the capacity of the school’s various instructional leaders.
  • 国家SAM创新项目 is a team of former principals that provides a unique set of time management tools and regular coaching to support principals to maximize their instructional leadership capacity and more effectively distribute leadership.



行政校长项目, funded by the Schwartz-Ward Family Foundation and operated in partnership with the Department of Principal Quality at Chicago Public Schools (CPS), 是一种创新, multi-year mentorship between some of Chicago’s top leaders (行政主体s) and rising stars (Partner Principals).

Partner and 行政主体s are thoughtfully matched based on their strength areas and the Partner Principals’ aspirations for their schools. 整个学年, 执行校长提供多达300小时的辅导和指导, 包括每周的学校访问和观察, collaborative planning time and joint attendance at professional development events. Participants take part in a Professional Learning Community with Chief Education Officer LaTanya McDade. Each pair receives a joint stipend for innovative professional development for new work at the Partner Principal’s school. 行政校长也会因其服务而获得领导津贴.

行政主体s collaborate closely with Partner Principals’ supervisors to support their overall development plan and to share performance feedback. 2020-21年度学员包括来自全市的七对主要学员. 



Tegy公司. is a national school design firm that specializes in effective school scheduling practices. 泰吉教授学校团队如何利用他们最宝贵的资产:时间. 认识到COVID-19大流行带来的日程安排挑战, The Fund is currently partnering with CPS’ Office of Network Support (ONS) to scale Tegy’s resources to all district-managed elementary schools. 除了, 泰格将直接指导大约100所学校改造他们的遥控器, 混合或面对面的时间表,以更好地满足学生的需求. Tegy will also train network support staff on scheduling best practices and disseminate universal tools, 模型和资源. In 2020-21, Tegy will work with up to 108 principal-led teams and 13 network teams.



The Harvard Graduate School of Education and Harvard Business School collaborate to offer Leading Change, which is a four-week online course in adaptive leadership within their Certificate in School Management and Leadership. 本学年, 该赌电竞比赛押注软件正赞助一群来自全市的校长参与其中, helping equip them with the skills they need to drive school change and establish priorities with diverse stakeholders to improve practice. In 2020-21, 50主体参与, with half of participants taking the course in August and the other half in October.



The Relay Graduate School of Education is an accredited higher-education organization focused on 老师 and principal preparation. 今年, The Fund is partnering with Relay GSE to deliver virtual workshops to principals and their teams. 会议将于2020年12月开始, and teach school teams how to use new tools and strategies to deliver high-quality remote instruction which bolsters student engagement. 在2020-21年,将有多达80名校长参加.




助理校长不仅是学校的重要领导者, 也是领导人才进入主要角色的主要渠道. In 2019, 芝加哥主要合伙企业 (The Partnership) and partners at Chicago Public Schools, 包括主质量部, 推出了 与CPS铅, 一个由教师到高级地区领导人领导能力发展的新架构.

因此,CPS、赌电竞比赛押注软件和伙伴关系成立了 APs上升, a suite of targeted development opportunities designed to support Chicago’s talented pool of assistant principals who are interested in future principal roles within the district. APs上升 包括以下项目:

  • Leadership Bridge Program | This program includes on-the-job professional development for 27 AP and principal pairs. Through individualized coaching sessions from school leadership experts at New Leaders, 伊利诺斯大学芝加哥分校和加速研究所, APs work in close collaboration with their principals to prepare for their future role.
  • 有抱负的校长专业学习社区|在2020-21年, three experienced CPS principals will lead 36 APs through nine learning sessions to develop practical knowledge about how to become a principal. 另有14名助理会计师作为委托人参与本赌电竞比赛押注软件的plc, which cover a broader range of school leadership topics and are detailed on the previous pages.
  • AP Resident Principal Program | Although this program is run independently by the CPS Department of Principal Quality, 它是ap Rising的最后一个组成部分. 美联社居民在最需要新人才的学校服务12到18个月. The program currently serves one resident and will launch an additional cohort for the 2021-22 school year.

APs上升 is made possible through the generous support of Crown Family Philanthropies and The Crown Pipeline Innovation Fund.


校长对他们的学校和社区有着巨大的影响. 任何数量都有影响.


我们的目标是服务超过600名校长和360名校长,到2023年,将有000名学生, 重点关注最需要支持的学校.


每年10月, 学校社区, 市政府官员, 企业领袖们联合起来提升校长们的伟大工作.